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Utilising Yoga Blocks in Your Practice - Emilia Rose Active

Utilising Yoga Blocks in Your Practice

When starting out your yoga journey it soon becomes overwhelming when it comes to props. We get it, we've been there. Blocks, bolsters, straps, joint pads...where do we begin with it all? And what do I really need to start a yoga practice?

Simply, nothing at all!

When I first started out practicing yoga all I had was a $10 yoga mat from a local store. That worked for a few months but I soon realised I could enhance my practice by investing in a good quality yoga mat that was toxic free (especially from PVC). Most budget yoga mats are made from PVC which has many health issues associated with it. We won't delve into that here but check it out for yourself.

So shortly after starting my yoga practice Yin yoga was introduced to me and I initially used thick books as block support and couch cushions for bolsters, which totally worked for me at the time. After receiving some cork block samples I realised why they were a thing. The comfort level and convenience was undeniable in comparison to my makeshift props aka the thickest books I owned. I haven't looked back since. 

If you're interested in finding out more about our cork blocks, click here

Wondering why and how to use yoga blocks?

Three words....accessibility, support and strength.

Accessibility to get into yoga poses you may not be able to access without some extra support.

Support in seated poses/meditation or for example a yin style bridge pose. 

Strength in poses that work on using the weight of the block to build muscle. They seem light but the weight of them builds, trust me!

Our most loved yoga instructor Cole Chance utilises blocks in this 15 minute morning yoga flow. All you'll need is your mat and two supports. 



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