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An Enchanting Forest Shoot with Casey Skilbeck - Emilia Rose Active

An Enchanting Forest Shoot with Casey Skilbeck

When we sent Casey Skilbeck our Point Break yoga mat we didn't know exactly what photos would follow, but after a quick look through Casey's portfolio we knew something wonderful would come from it.
And it did.
So here is a short but sweet chat we had with Casey. 
Casey, tell us a little about yourself and how you got into photography....
I'm a 24 year old photographer originally from Perth. I now roam around in my van all over Australia focussing on taking photos for beautiful, grass roots, small businesses. Truthfully my journey started because I wasn't doing very well in school, a teacher advised I try a creative route and that maybe my brain is just more creative than analytic. I invested much more time into creative subjects and found myself obsessed with Media classes. It helped that my media teacher was so passionate, open and encouraging of us all to experiment with our ideas.
When I left school I bought a camera and saved money to go travelling, I soon realised that I wasn't made for a 9-5 but found much more enjoyment doing things at my own pace. If there's anything I am passionate about, it's photography, travel and people. This understanding sent me on a trajectory of spending as much time with photographers that inspire me as much as I could.
My goals now don't include money, they include enjoying my time and working with people I admire.  All of my skills have come from wise and generous friends, willing to impart their knowledge. I've never had any formal photography education but naturally pursued what I like and found people to encourage me along the way.
What made you choose the Point Break yoga mat captured in the shoot? 

I love supporting artists and always feel drawn to coastal vibes.

We couldn't help but notice you capture nature beautifully. Do you have a preference for where you take your photos? 

I like doing new things, I like consistently pursuing new textures and colours. So no I don't think there is a "favourite"

Any tips for anyone out there who may want to get started in photography?

If you want to get started in photography, just get started! You can learn almost anything on youtube to begin, then start spending time with people you want to become like.

Are you a yogi yourself? If so do you have any recommendations on yoga studios? We love discovering new spaces and teachers on and offline in the yoga world.
I am always a huge fan of Noosa Raw. Adele is a wonderful instructor and we run yearly retreats together. We actually head off to run a retreat to the Amazon in May. Come spend some time in the jungle with us!
Do you have a favourite photo from the shoot? 
Below is my favourite. I'm always drawn to people and Miks is just so beautiful!
Give Casey some love by checking out her socials here
And website here
Modelled by Miks, check here out here 
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