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The Guide On How to Re-purpose Your Old Yoga Mat - Emilia Rose Active

The Guide On How to Re-purpose Your Old Yoga Mat

The art of letting go, is it time for a yoga mat upgrade?
There comes a point in time where your yoga mat that has supported you through countless downward dogs, vinyasa flows and shavasana's is in need of replacing. We have purposely chosen environmentally friendly materials so the footprint of the yoga mat at it's end of life is as minimal as possible. The Soft Grip, Little Yogi and Travel Mats are biodegradable~if buried deep in soil they begin to degrade after 5 years.
But, we think an even better option is to re-purpose your yoga mat. 

We've brainstormed some re-purposing ideas for your yoga mat:
  • Firstly, if your yoga mat is still in a usable condition consider giving it a deep clean and offering it to a friend or family member who may have an interest in starting yoga or pilates.
  • Reach out to an animal rescue group, community and youth center, homeless shelter or not for profit yoga studio in your home town. They may take them and give them out to those who can't afford their own. Animal shelters can use them for floor coverings for the animals crates. 
  • Make it into any of the following: doormats, mousepads, car mats, kitchen drawer liners.
  •  Use as a kneepad for gardening, bathing the kids or extra cushioning for yin classes when on the knees. Tip:cut into desired shape and create multiple layers for extra cushioning. 
  • Use it as a floor covering under your sleeping bag while camping. Or turn it into a Glamping trip by placing it out the front of your tent entrance as a doormat. 
  • Use your imagination and make toys for the little ones. Some examples are hats, costumes, props, shapes and letters, pool toys, masks. 
  • Use it at the beach instead of a beach towel. Or keep it in your car for those spur of the moment picnic sessions. 
  • Grip pads to open jars.
  • Foot pads for furniture to protect floors. 
  • Are your kids baseball fanatics? Cut them into squares to use as bases. 
  • Drying pad for your dishes.
  • Laptop or I-pad case for those who want to show off those sewing skills. Or simply cut to size and hot glue gun the edges together with one side open.
  • Create beautiful stubby holders. Cut to size and glue the ends together. 
  • Artistic Bulletin Board-you will need to use long straight pins for this set up.
  • Coffee cozy-similar to the stubby holder. Just cut to size and glue the edges together. 

Have we inspired you to re-purpose? We're all ears for any of your re-purposing yoga mat ideas. Comment below and we'll add them to this list!


by Emlia

The Founder of EREYM

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