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Chatting with Cole Chance about yoga - Emilia Rose Active

Chatting with Cole Chance about yoga

“I've been a seeker all my life. It has brought me to the depths of addiction, to all corners of the world, and most importantly to the path of yoga. Through my practice I've begun to unravel, explore & understand the most fascinating of all landscapes – the inner one.” Cole Chance

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cole Chance who I stumbled across a few years back while searching for an online yoga class to do at home while my baby was peacefully taking a much needed (for both of us) lunch nap...IYKYK. So immediately I knew I had stumbled upon something special. I was intrigued by the new sequences and feeling so present in the class which is hard to achieve with a home practice. I found a new love for yoga through Cole's creative sequences, and I will be forever grateful to Cole for bringing that into my practice. If you feel like your practice is in need of some playfulness then please do yourself a favour and read on.

What does yoga mean to you Cole?  

Yoga, to me, is all about self connection and self relationship. It is a little inner laboratory and exploration station where I can welcome and check in with all the shades and aspects of myself. This isn’t always an easy thing, often it’s anything but. Though through my years of coming back again and again to my practice, when I step on my mat or cushion, I’ve got a little Pavlovian-esque tendency to say “hello, how are you?” AND actually listen to the answer. That’s been incredibly healing.

I'm sure you get asked this a lot but how would you describe your yoga style?

I describe my yoga style as really breathy and wiggly. It is vinyasa but with a swirvey, swayey, wiggley, non linear twist to it. My yoga style encourages curiosity into the movement. 

What do you enjoy most about your practice?

I enjoy moving outside the box, I want to shift the patterns in myself, including my movement patterns. It helps me stay curious. It helps me stay engaged and playful. How can I get from A to B in a different way? It keeps that playful exploration in my movement on the mat.

And now you have everyone's interest, where can we find your yoga classes?

You can find my yoga classes online. On YouTube Cole Chance Yoga I have hundreds of classes for free. I also have a membership site called CCY Studio. I have shorter classes on YouTube and I have longer classes on CCY Studio ranging from 45mins to 75 mins.

At CCY studio this is where we’ll dive deeper into the ancient wisdom of yoga & the inherent intelligence of our bodies. My hope is that what you find here not only helps to regulate your stress levels, sleep patterns, and tight muscles but also supports you in learning more about yourself.

If Cole has you curious then take up this offer for EREYM subscribers for 50% off the first three months of the CCY Studio membership with the code: EROSEYOGA 
 Click here for CCY Studio


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  • Colleen

    I love Cole Chance Yoga! My daughter is the one who introduced me to her YouTube channel. I connected with immediately. She is my kind of teacher . My 63 year old husband was even practicing along with Cole(until he blew out his partial knee replacement, doc said it was because he became TOO flexible) He had never done yoga before and said her cues were just perfect. Luckily our daughter is a certified yoga instructor, so that was also helpful .

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