The Collection:

  • Soft Grip "Moisture Activated" Microfibre 4mm 
  • Soft Grip Microfibre Mini Mat 3mm
  • Soft Grip Travel Mat 2mm
  • Soft Grip Reformer Mat 1.5mm
  • Super Grip "Dry Grip" Polyurethane (PU) Mat 4mm 
  • Super Grip "Dry Grip" Alchemy 5mm 

Soft Grip

Material: microfibre top, rubber base.  

Can be used for: all yoga-especially hot yoga, Pilates, HIIT, all floor based exercise.

Works best for: hot yoga, replaces the need for a top towel. 

What to expect from the top surface: as soft as feathers top surface that will keep you gripping with a light spritz of water prior to class for non heated practice. For hot yoga classes the microfibre absorbs your sweat and gets even grippier the sweatier you become. For yin the soft surface will hug you like a warm blanket remaining at the ideal temperature at all times. For pilates glide through your moves with ease and can even be used with pilates grip socks in the colder months. Extremely long wearing so a perfect mat for HIIT cardio workouts with sneakers on. Oh and did we mention it's completely odour free, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

Suitable for: hard floors, carpets, outdoor use, beach (the beach sand literally takes just a shake to be removed from the mat)

Summary: our hard wearing most versatile eco friendly yoga mat option. The best option for hot yoga.

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Super Grip

Material: polyurethane (PU) top, rubber base. 

Can be used for: all yoga including non heated and heated, pilates, floor based bare feet workouts.

What to expect from the top surface: Expect a luxurious smooth glossy finish with a gorgeous shiny gold logo. This mat will have you gripping at all times especially in non-heated classes. The PU top also has moisture wicking properties for the yogis who build up a sweat. Beneath the top surface there is 4mm of natural tree rubber to comfortably cushion your joints.

Suitable for: hard floors, carpets, best for indoor use to preserve the PU top

Summary: The yoga mat for those searching for an all rounder anti-slip yoga mat for both non-heated and heated flows. Best for clean bare feet, lotion free skin and jewellery free hands and feet to preserve the PU top. A long lasting mat if correctly cared for (please see care instructions).

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