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Prior to your first use (Soft Grip Microfibre): 

1. Mix two parts water & one part vinegar in a bowl or spray bottle. Give the mat a thorough scrub with the solution using a clean cloth to lift the superficial layer that may have formed during the printing process. Doing this will help achieve the best grip and have you supported from your first flow.

2. Optional- mist our Cleanse Yoga Mat Spray over the vinegar solution for a beautiful scent. For future practices simply mist water or the Cleanse spray over the mat to enjoy the scent, extra grip activation and gently cleanse the mat.

3. Now try a downward dog and see how it feels. If you have come from using a different material it may take some adjusting initially. For downward dog remember to put pressure into all fingertips and hand and lift your hips up and back to remove pressure from your wrist joints. Enjoy flowing on your new magic carpet.

Watch the instructional video here for more guidance. 

Another tip is to make sure you have washed your hands and feet to remove any moisturisers you may have used throughout the day. The residue on your hands may be the cause of any slipping issues. 

Allow yourself a few flows on your new yoga mat to feel the optimum grip whilst the microfibre surface has a chance to break in.

Are the microfibre (Soft Grip) mats suitable for hot yoga?

Absolutely. With the top surface being an absorbent material it works perfectly for any practice that gets you sweating and replaces the need for a top towel. As the material absorbs the moisture you will feel an optimum grip below your hands and feet. You'll never need to bring a towel to hot yoga again!

Prefer a dry practice?

Simply mist the surface of the mat with water to enhance the grip. We recommend using the Yoga Mat Spray so you can enjoy a beautiful scent and gently clean the mat prior to every class.


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