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Today we will be chatting all things grip.

If it's your first time changing from a rubber or plastic top yoga mat to a vegan suede (microfiber) your first use can feel quite different. Firstly you will notice the beautiful soft feel of it which has an original artwork printed onto the surface using a dye sublimation method. Meaning the print will not fade or bleed ink. A big win! But we also need to prepare the mat prior to using it to lift the superficial layer that may have formed during the printing process. 

Click here to watch an instructional video on how to prepare your yoga mat for your first flow. 

If you have come from using a really sticky yoga mat you may need to be mindful of the best way to enter and hold particular poses like downward dog, warrior poses and wide legged poses. 

Here are the most common poses yogis find they need to revisit when swapping mat styles.  

We have one more suggestion...that moisturiser you put on your body this morning may be another reason you are not gripping to your yoga mat. Keep this in mind prior to starting your class and give your hands and feet a good wash to prevent any slipping caused by the oils in the body products. 

We hope these ideas have helped your practice. 

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